XCMG excavator build road for small village in Africa

Views: 4     Author: Lane     Publish Time: 2016-02-15      Origin: CHANGZHOU YAMAR KOOPE INTL CO., LTD

Samba Baker is located in the depths of African rainforest area, it is a beautiful small village.
But there is no road to connect this village with outside world. When villagers want to go out to do some shopping or travel, they must walk through the slippery mud trail.
After know this situation, XCMG office decides to send excavators to help villagers to build a road free. After 15 days working, the road is finished by 2 units excavators XE230C, villagers are very happy that from now on, the small village has a new good road to connect outside.
The man in photo is Mr. Joe, one operator of XCMG excavator in near mining area. He lives in this village. He is so happy and takes a photo to record the moment.
XCMG excavator build road for small village in Africa

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