XCMG excavator have new model XE150U for North America market

Views: 69     Author: Bob     Publish Time: 2017-07-28      Origin: XCMG

Recently, XCMG XE150U crawler hydraulic excavator officially off the assembly line, which models are based on North American high-end market demand and the development of customized products. 

XE150U 挖机针对北美.png

Power system through the Cummins recognized TPEM certification to meet the US market emissions requirements, can be achieved in the local quota sales; machine with a new streamlined design, exquisite interior, to enhance the comfort of the operation; boom and stick With the pipeline explosion-proof valve and valve, can achieve ISO mode of operation and BHL mode of operation to quickly switch to ensure product reliability, safety and convenience, and the working device can achieve 500 hours lubrication maintenance-free, greatly Reduced maintenance costs. In recent years, XCMG digging machine in the key core technology continued innovation breakthrough, with a strong R & D strength and superior product quality has won more and more global high-end market customer recognition. XCMG XE150U excavator successfully off the assembly line, and further improve the XCMG digging machine product spectrum, for XCMG market segments, breaking the high-end and then add a strong weight.


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