XCMG excavators build roads in Africa

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In the vast expanse of the African grasslands, blue sky and white clouds are floating. A touch of XCMG yellow is struggling to smooth hillside, opening the path leading cocoa (cacao) growing areas of the road.

XCMG excavator build roads in Africa

Cocoa in Ghana has a "green gold" in the world, two-thirds of world production occupies, is one of the three economic pillars. But Ghana road construction and other infrastructure greatly restricted the development of agricultural economy. XCMG excavator fuel efficient construction excellence in Ghana market reputation widely spread, the road is by the local plantation owners warm welcome. "In the past poor road conditions here, our little cocoa batch shipped out every day, hope the road does believe XCMG excavator will soon be able to repair the road!" The local planters Kodjo watching the busy full XCMG excavator He said expectantly

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