XCMG first all variable electric - hydraulic ratio control wheel loader LW600K

Views: 6     Author: Mike     Publish Time: 2017-08-17      Origin: XCMG

Recently, XCMG earth moving factory produced the first LW600KVMIII large tonnage full variable electric-hydraulic proportional loader successfully off the assembly line. This marks the XCMG loader in the field of intelligent control creative breakthrough, opened the XCMG intelligent loader of the new journey.


XCMG LW600KVMIII loader equipped with a new full variable hydraulic system and independent research and development of intelligent control system. The full variable hydraulic system with its outstanding low fuel costs, high efficiency characteristics, become the international advanced high-end configuration, XCMG loader followed the forefront of technology, to achieve independent research and development. Intelligent control system includes buffer, AUTO limit, fretting, flat lift, automatic flat five functions, through the ECU program control to achieve intelligent control, greatly improving the operator's comfort, greatly reducing the operator's labor intensity, In the intelligent manufacturing technology revolution, to achieve another breakthrough.

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