XCMG first multi-function crawler crane off production line

Views: 19     Author: Lisa     Publish Time: 2016-12-07      Origin: CHANGZHOU YAMAR KOOPE INTL CO., LTD

Recently, XCMG's first multi-purpose crawler crane XGC100HD is off the assembly line division.

XCMG crawler crane

XGC100HD multi-functional crawler cranes are equipped with international mature technologies and possesses the key technical advantages of "controlled power free-fall winch load quick release flexible braking, ultimate load control in any composite operation mode". At the same time, the boom, crawler beam and other structural parts using common design, the product risk to a minimum. Change the car powerful, able to meet the lifting, grab, piling and other needs of the working conditions, and set aside the interface, to meet the full set of pipe drilling machine, twister and other strong domestic demand conditions.
XCMG XGC100HD multi-function crawler crane in the lifting performance, construction efficiency, and so has surpassed the imported equipment, and to fill the current domestic market demand for multi-function cranes blank. Later, XCMG crawler crane will be in strict accordance with the debugging program to debug the device to verify product performance, all unreasonable, the impact of product quality aspects of improvement, the XGC100HD lead performance, safe and reliable high-quality boutique. 

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