XCMG first small aerial working platform truck

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Recently, XCMG first small degree of mixing arm aerial vehicles GKH7A smoothly off the assembly line, its compact, flexible, efficient and adapted to the job market has been looking forward to a small space.
GKH7A arm as a mixed family, and a new high-altitude product, vehicle maximum operating height 7.65 meters, maximum working range of 3.9 meters, the rated load of 130 kg, the operating parameters are far superior to similar products. The vehicle power is from Nissan truck, powerful, beautiful appearance. The overall use of 3mm plate welded frame, the frame to reduce weight; turret local reinforcement in the form of single plate, the effective use of the mechanical properties of the sheet; a folding structure adopted by the boom boom + two telescopic arm, reducing the size of the contraction tops ; bucket work platform made of aluminum alloy, lightweight, attractive.

aerial working platform truck

This "elf" was successfully launched, with its small, flexible, high efficiency, excellent appearance and operational parameters and other characteristics will become the company's new economic growth point for the aerial industry XCMG bigger, stronger and inject new vitality.

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