XCMG heavy mining excavator and dump truck

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On September 11, XCMG signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Indonesian MES Company in XCMG Excavating Machinery Division, and reached the intent of purchasing complete sets of mining equipment for 100 crawler excavators and 50 articulated mining trucks. At present, some of the equipment has been put into large-scale nickel projects in Indonesia, and the equipment operation fully meets the requirements of customers. The export project took the first step in the overall layout of XCMG's mining equipment in Indonesia and achieved a zero breakthrough in the export of China's hinge cards.

XCMG large excavator.png

With superior product quality and comprehensive, full life cycle service, XCMG equipment won the high recognition and trust from customers in the domestic domination of the original monopoly of foreign brands.

The market share of mines is climbing steadily. The domestic market share of large-scale mining excavators with the size of over 70 tons is close to 50%, surpassing that of foreign-funded brands. Looking to the global market, more than 300 XCMG excavators helped build Qatar World Cup venues and infrastructure and created a record for the export of large-scale excavators in China. In the high-end market in the United States, XCMG won the highly recognized and accomplished local well-known leasing companies with their outstanding reputation Strategic cooperation; in Africa, XCMG excavators to local market with high reliability, high efficiency, low fuel consumption superior performance in the tropical rain forest in Australia, Canada's arctic areas, XCMG mining machinery and mining machinery products continue to attack.

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Relying on reliable product quality and customized R & D and improvement, the current XCMG mining machinery and mining machinery products have been exported to 108 countries and regions worldwide, continue to lead the Chinese mining machinery industry to the global high-end. XCMG took the strength to polish the business card made in China and became a model for China's construction machinery manufacturing industry to stand among the best in the world. 

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