XCMG hydraulic cylinder factory get order for Shield Machinery Plant

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Recently, XCMG hydraulic parts companies in a domestic machinery manufacturers to mass customization shield more than 80 hydraulic cylinders successfully delivered, the successful implementation of the company in the field of machinery and equipment for Shield zero breakthrough for many fields XCMG core components market expand to provide valuable experience.

XCMG hydraulic cylinder

With the acceleration of domestic tunnel construction speed, known as the modern construction of "artificial giant pangolin" shield machine demand is also rising. To seize market opportunities, the company set up a special hydraulic shield cylinder research project team, and with the reliability and quality of service initiatives products gradually won the favor of customers. "Self-supporting core components, is the only way to improve the value-added products, and only continue to introduce more personalized products spare parts, so that the host can truly 'difference' competition, due to avoid falling into 'homogeneity' the vicious competition cycling. "Products person who is responsible for the project said. It is understood that, taking into account the type of product as a tunnel boring machine accessories dedicated high-end features, the difficulty due to the large technology research company in accordance with different geological and construction requirements "tailor", has overcome the "anti limited space under the lateral force support analysis of the internal structure and design "," anti-rust treatment harsh environment "and other technical problems, through the application of high-accuracy displacement sensor, double floating ball joint cylinder structure bore welding support and a series of independent innovation, fully guarantee the high reliability of the fuel tank and anti-bias load capacity. The product represents the latest strength XCMG core components of technology research and development, along with its success into the market, will become a new breakthrough in support for the multiple independent core components.

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