XCMG hydraulic excavator XE75G

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In the show in Beijing, XCMG show the new crawler excavator XE75G.
This hydraulic excavator selects international famous brand Kubota turbocharged engine with low noise, good fuel economics and strong power, what is more, its maintenance points are arranged in one side. The hydraulic system adopts new generation of load sensitive system, which can realize low pressure loss and energy consumption. The complete exactor has good action flexibility, and can easily realize the actions on the grounds. The new type color LCD monitor has complete information display, intelligent fault diagnosis function and control functions such as automatic idle speed, automatic acceleration, engine starting protection, engine overheating protection, etc., of which, the automatic idle speed function can effectively reduce the unnecessary fuel consumption. The replacement period of engine oil filter and diesel filter can be extended to 500h, which will dramatically reduce maintenance costs of users.

XCMG crawler excavator XE75G

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