XCMG large excavator working in Guangxi

Views: 4     Author: Peter     Publish Time: 2016-06-20      Origin: XCMG

“Low fuel consumption, low failure rate, low maintenance cost” This is the user’s comments for XCMG XE370C excavator.

XCMG XE370C excavator

Guangxi province is named as the hometown of Non-ferrous metal mine. But this metal mine is always under the clay soil, sticky and strong hardness. To work there, XCMG XE370C is equipped with enhanced rock bucket. It is durable, and makes the excavator with high working efficiency. Now it already worked continually for 16 months, 7000 hours with no problem.
XCMG excavator factory focus on mining machinery market in 2016, will make more advance for their excavators and get more market in future.

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