XCMG large loader famous South African iron ore

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South Africa and one of the BRIC nations, Africa's most economically developed and labor-productive countries, have already produced 1/4 of their GDP and become the "southern engine" of Africa's gross domestic product. South Africa is famous for its rich mineral resources and Africa is the largest iron ore resource in Africa.

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In a large iron ore area north of North Africa, more than 20 XCMG loaders are in full swing production, of which two XCMG large tonnage loaders LW800K and LW900K figure is particularly prominent, has become the most dazzling loading stars of the local mining company. These two loaders are the first batch of large-tonnage loaders exported by XCMG to South Africa. As of November 2017, operating conditions of continuous high-intensity ore operation each day have an average of over 1,000 hours of zero-fault operation per loom, Not only broke the European and American brands of large tonnage of the monopoly, but also with high stability and cost-effectiveness of the high recognition of South African customers.

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The mining company is XCMG's key customers, has more than batch procurement XCMG ZL50G, ZL50GN and other types of loaders more than 20 units, a good experience is the local customers continue to buy XCMG loader key factors that also promote the XCMG brand and Large tonnage loader exports laid the foundation.

In recent years, XCMG loaders continue to launch more "three highs and one big" products in a number of overseas markets continuously broken the large tonnage loaders long-term monopoly by foreign brands. In the future market competition, XCMG loaders will showcase the ever-changing national industry manufacturing level with better products and services.


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