XCMG long boom excavator exported to Uzbekistan

Views: 76     Author: Sam     Publish Time: 2016-08-18      Origin: XCMG

Recently, XCMG XE210WLL extension boom wheeled excavator for the first time exports of Uzbekistan, the product is based on conventional wheel dug product on research and development of customized according to customer demand for new products. XCMG wheel dug products to achieve export volume of Uzbekistan in 2015, with excellent performance through rigorous market testing, enjoys a high reputation in the local.

XCMG Long boom excavator

Since the construction of the customer location perennial rainy need occasional dredging operations, crawler excavators is not convenient for short transfer on the long arm of the digging wheel increasing demand. XCMG excavator for personalized customer demand for the product has been customized to improve the product to a very strong area of adaptability to win customers.
Under the guidance of the State "along the way" strategic policy, XCMG excavator speeding up overseas marketing efforts to the global market at different levels of customer demand for different construction environment global product for accurate positioning and segmentation, continue to promote the product innovation and adaptability improved upgrade and improve XCMG excavators brands in the international market influence

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