XCMG long boom wheel excavator XE210WLL

Views: 45     Author: Eric     Publish Time: 2015-11-14      Origin: CHANGZHOU YAMAR KOOPE INTL CO., LTD

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Recently, XCMG’s first long boom wheel excavator XE210WLL is off production line. This model is designed from 21 ton crawler excavator. Its boom length is 7.15m; bucket boom length is 4.5m, max. Working radius is 12.6m. It has more working range. Also this model has a bigger diameter slewing gear, and outrigger is fixed at chassis frame, which make it work more stable. The long boom wheel excavator has a better motility and controllability; it is mainly used in construction material transport, repair of highway, earth moving in river.
XCMG will try to make excavators to adapt different demand of market.
XCMG long boom wheel excavator XE210WLL


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