XCMG machines build road for G20

Views: 5     Author: James     Publish Time: 2016-09-13      Origin: XCMG

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In September 2016, leaders of the Group of Twenty eleventh summit (G20) will be held in Hangzhou, the entire road construction is being sprint, road machinery XCMG 55 units worth 31 million road machinery XCMG star falls 320 State Road, State Road 104 Jinhua-Quzhou highway, Ningbo Airport, Hangzhou city municipal roads and viaducts through renovations and other projects, a busy Taiwan and Taiwan XCMG "gold" exceptionally bright. XCMG road machinery actively implement the proposed two sessions on Premier Li Keqiang "public entrepreneurship and innovation," the new national philosophy of "innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing" a new concept of development, adhering to the "customer-focused, docking the market, programs resolved, the value of marketing "concept, focusing on advanced and reliable technology products, while ensuring product during the construction of green, Chinese effort to build a new green production and lifestyle.

XCMG machines build road for G20


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