XCMG machines show in Conexpo-Con/Agg of Las Vegas

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March 7 - 11, the third time the United States Las Vegas International Engineering Machinery Exhibition (Conexpo-Con / Agg) in Las Vegas Convention and Exhibition Center grand opening, as with the German BAUMA exhibition " ", When the world's leading construction machinery manufacturers will be the same stage show, a show grace.


As the Chinese engineering machinery "intellectual" made the highest level of representatives, XCMG Group to bring 14 high-end products exhibitors, as the show a dazzling star.

The XCA300U, XCT40U, XC40U, XE350U, XE360U, XE490U, three rollers (XMR303S, CV123U, CV83PD), one loader (XCA300U, RT70U, XCT40U), five excavators (XE35U, XE210U, XE250U, XE360U, XE490U) (XC949), a backhoe loader (XT870BR) and a rotary drill (XR180DV), in line with the US market industry standards, and emissions are the United States Tier4F standards.


On the morning of March 7, XCMG held the opening ceremony at the booth G1000 and the launching ceremony of new products in North America. Yang Yikhang, General Counselor of the Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco, Zhang Yujing, President of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, Qi Jun, President of China Construction Machinery Association, AlbertA.Cervero, Senior Vice President of American Equipment Manufacturers Association, , China Federation of Trade Promotion in the United States representative Zhao Zhenge, the United States Ahern president DonAhern, XCMG Group Chairman Wang Min and other guests, merchants and media reporters attended the opening ceremony.

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