XCMG mining excavator is tough!

Views: 3     Author: Jack     Publish Time: 2023-10-17      Origin: Changzhou Yamar Group

Recently, good news came from the southwest market.The XCMG XE700GA Mining Excavator was successfully delivered, achieving a new breakthrough in the market.

The XE700GA excavator delivered this time is a new generation of 70 ton high emission mining excavator. It uses special heavy-duty working device, chassis system and power system for mining.That is efficient and energy-saving, and meets the non-road national four standards for emissions.

XE700GA 1

It is with new designed comfortable positive pressure cab, advanced control system and behavior monitoring system.This makes driving and riding more comfortable and operation more intelligent.The internationally leading independent controlled cooling technology and high reliability structure design can meet the extreme mining environment such as plateau, high cold, high dust, etc. The efficiency of heavy load operation is increased by 5%.The fuel consumption is reduced by 6%, and the maintenance cost is reduced by 2%.

This model has been used for stripping construction in Xinjiang coal mine. It’s with a standard configuration of 4.0m ³ Rock Big Dipper, with an average daily attendance of more than 20 hours, has been operating safely for more than 4000 hours.

XE700GA 2

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