XCMG mixing plant sales so good last year

Views: 3     Author: Amy     Publish Time: 2017-03-21      Origin: XCMG

As of the end of December, XCMG plant mixing station has exceeded the annual sales tasks, sales revenue rate of up to 120%, year on year sales revenue growth of 31%, China Railway System, China Communications System, Heilongjiang Long Jian and other central enterprises have large quantities of procurement The With the excellent quality and performance and efficiency, the X factory is widely recognized by users, among which XC800S plant is unusually hot, S series is a double mixing system plant, as a stable soil mixing equipment for high-grade highway, Stirring a long time, mixing evenly, stable soil strength and other characteristics, by the majority of users unanimously approved.

XCMG mixing plant

In recent years, with the development trend of domestic road traffic from the main building to build both to support the main transformation, XCMG actively respond to the pace of national highway transformation, with decades of technical accumulation and industrial development platform, and constantly optimize the plant Mixing station supply system, mixing system, electronic control system and other key core technologies, increase self-control system, such as the development and application of equipment stability and automation to further enhance the quality of the machine to further enhance and lead the industry development.

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