XCMG multi function truck-mounted crane off production line

Views: 10     Author: Lane     Publish Time: 2017-08-03      Origin: XCMG

Recently, XCMG car successfully developed 0833KZY crane platform to install the deformation of the drill pipe design, known as QQS200A, this new product line to get three orders, and further broaden the straight arm crane product spectrum.

XCMG multi function truck-mounted crane.png

QQS200A is following the 1033K, 1033N deformation design of the multi-functional truck crane, to meet the needs of customers to complete the new product. The product in the realization of all the functions of the truck crane under the premise of equipped with the domestic advanced screw drill pipe, the use of quick-change connector to connect the pipeline, you can effectively achieve rapid mixing drill pipe; with drill pipe rotation, smooth and accurate release and Recycling drill pipe; this section of the crane crane set drilling, lifting, transportation and other functions as a whole, to complete the poles of the transport, drill pipe digging, cranes placed a series of operating poles and other operations, to create more value for customers.


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