XCMG new 220 ton all terrain crane XCA220

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He knew it, lifting the industry has engaged in more than a decade, has become a veritable "old driver." No rhetoric, there is no shaking Albert, but have the opportunity to experience the ups and downs of the lifting industry.
Total plight must not hope that this will always be someone to break the bottleneck, XCMG G generation, no big celebrity endorsements, no proliferation of product placement, but it can lead the industry tsunami, it seems extraordinary strength, should not be underestimated , as if a kind of "state-owned Southern beauty, waiting for the arrival of the king" of flavor.
I admire boss wise choice, decisive shot, the first XCA220 themselves.

XCMG XCA220 All Terrain Crane

The choice of such a large tonnage crane is not an easy task, first of all is to do "the wind blows" in this course.
Although only a crane, but in my opinion there is a kind of sports car full of flavor, dynamic lines, strong bones, blue and yellow colors and reasonable, never lost their appeal. If this was driving on the road, I keep returning is probably the table had to burst.

XCMG XCA220 Boom
Section 2- seven booms, foot 73 meters, hang jib height easily over one hundred meters.
3- Having said that, the car can hang it in the end? In fact, I and everyone else, just to mention the car, had tempted blood hearts, cannot wait to try to find a hook to live, finally soon, little desire to have been met, the following will take you to see it!


Vehicle length over 15 meters, turning radius of only about nine meters, choose a small turning mode, turning the steering wheel, you can easily walk to the construction site. Perfect four-wheel drive, the maximum grade ability of 67%.


XCMG XCA220 operation screen

Crane operators must be standardized, place mat plate support, support a good leg, so that the body reach the level of the state.
4- success depends on details, even the leg operation panel have done a new upgrade, 100% waterproof, rain again how big and nothing to worry about damp conditions electrical device failure.


XCMG XCA220 operation table

5- crane had so many years, this was the first time see the control room, amazing homemade crane has grown to such an extent that a single set of equipment which is, I am afraid of no more than foreign products. Display resolution is reached level phone pixels, display fine, the color is very beautiful. Right-hand side of the control panel is well-proportioned, gently press the full sense of feedback.

If you want to know about it, please check the specifications in our web’s crane production list:

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