XCMG new G generation truck cranes showing in Hainan Province

Views: 4     Author: Hellen     Publish Time: 2016-10-14      Origin: XCMG

August 6, Haikou City, the highly anticipated generation crane XCMG G Yao Shi landing. More than a hundred customers Hainan elite gathered together tasting G generation "smart technology, green energy, quality performance, ultra-high performance" high-value, once again witness the legend.
The world's only high-speed rail around the island from scratch; annual opening of an expressway to the "field" shape as the center, and gradually form through the East and West of Hainan Island in the high-speed network. The G generation landing in Hainan, but also for the rapid development of the Pearl Sea hit a shot long-acting stimulant.

XCMG G generation truck crane

In the exclusive experience of the meeting, when XCMG crane division's head of delegation in Hainan when the G generation golden key hands of the client, the Hainan has become a G force generation an important market. G generation product release beginning was recognized industry professionals to lead the future development trend of the industry, at present, G is using pragmatic generation market performance, it represents a new height of China's construction machinery, and write one after another new starting point

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