XCMG new XCT75 truck crane

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XCT75, since the advent became a leader with tons of extraordinary performance is already let XCT75 Taylor.

XCT75 truck crane

Five sections 48m "U-type" main boom, lifting capacity 75-80 ton comprehensive industry-leading products, lifting overall performance than the same tonnage products industry for more than 20%. 15 telescopic boom conditions arbitrarily, the long arm more robust performance, operating efficiencies. Short transitions can carry all the standard weight, more economical and convenient, the machine can carry all standard 10.5 t counterweight short transitions.


New energy-saving hydraulic system, fast quasi-steady Province gifted me alone.



Double variable pump confluence control points, the composite action, dual independent oil pump, high-speed operation, double pump confluence of oil, when the micro-movement industry, support the single-pump operation. Any load, any conditions, hoisting and luffing two common action to achieve 100% compound action, operational efficiency counterparts ahead of the competition by 10% to 13% to meet the rapid job transitions quickly closed car demand.
It pioneered the use of industry-leading two-variable pump control system, how much demand for speed, the system provides much traffic, to avoid unnecessary waste, the hydraulic system of the power loss is reduced to the maximum extent, integrated operating condition of average fuel consumption reduced by 15%, ride, jog ascension 15% to smooth, efficient, energy-saving effect.


Use of exclusive research and development of low fuel consumption, high torque, low speed engine with a combination of multi-gear transmission, the new turbocharged engine dedicated crane systems, torque increased by 15% to reduce fuel consumption by 12%, increased by 10% grade ability, starting acceleration by 12%. Creating a new generation of gold power train, power and economy complement each other, cake and fame and fortune.


Use disc brakes, improved heat dissipation, repeated braking reliability; high-pressure gas source is set double protection, braking response time from to 0.6 to 0.5 seconds, shortening the braking distance from 10 meters to within 9 meters, the braking system more stable, safe and reliable running state.
Independent research and development shift assist mechanism, the driver simply manipulating the shift lever provides control signals to complete the shift assist mechanism. Hand power shift decreased from 65N to 35N, shift schedule decreased from 155mm to 105mm. Shifting Process force small, short stroke, comfortable steering effort, after a system failure, you can still shift the normal machinery.
Industry first, holistic ergonomic work space design, the new human-computer interaction systems, intelligent automatic chemical status of planning techniques, simply enter key lifting information, the system will automatically recommend the best conditions; using integrated bus panel, 7-inch true color touch-screen, real-time display operating parameters, more comfortable driving manipulation; waterproof harness reasonable layout, upgraded electrical system reliability, long life and easy maintenance.


Machine aerodynamic profile, clean lines and smooth comfortable, two-chamber design new shape, V-shaped front face, the headlamps Hawkeye bionic design, bringing a new visual experience. When saving human design safe province. The new hook fast rope wear, easy to handle and Ergonomics Design escalator climbing leg shaft while manipulating time-saving, safe and reliable rotation protection, safe and convenient hook fixed.


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