XCMG new hybrid excavator model XE490HB

Views: 31     Author: Peter     Publish Time: 2020-04-21      Origin: Changzhou Yamar Group

In recent years, China's mining industry has continued to promote transformation and upgrading. Heavy and severe working conditions have set higher requirements for "green environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency" of construction equipment. Greening and mechanization of mining have become a trend.
XCMG excavator XE490HBAgainst this background, the bench-marking company of China's excavator, XCMG Excavator, focuses on the new needs of the transformation and upgrading of the mining industry, continues to promote innovation-driven, and targets the internationally recognized best solution for energy saving and emission reduction-hybrid power Above technology.
It took 5 years to finally develop and manufacture the market-oriented high-fuel-saving, low-cost, modular hybrid hydraulic excavator XE490HB.
With the support of many unique technologies, the XE490HB hybrid excavator can save about 7L of fuel per hour, easily saving more than 100,000 a year!
XCMG excavatorXE490HB hybrid hydraulic excavator has more than 10 invention patents. Its successful research and development indicates that after XCMG excavator successfully solved a series of difficult problems in heavy-duty construction, it launched a comprehensive approach to the field of ultra-energy-saving mining heavy-duty excavators.

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