XCMG new products show in Asia international drill machine exhibition

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May 9, at the Asian International Exhibition of Trenchless Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, XCMG carrying XZ320E horizontal directional drilling and XDN500 slurry balance pipe jacking machine debut, stunning the audience, attracted many visitors stop and counseling, two prototypes were in the first day of the exhibition successful sales, and a number of customers express purchase intent, and the staff is in further communication.

XCMG directional drill in show

XZ320E horizontal directional drilling to CE safety standard certification for the development of design standards, product positioning high-end market, the operating system Superman design, stable performance of the whole construction of efficient, flexible configuration, XCMG face of international market research and development of high-end automation equipment, products not yet off the assembly line in Malaysia namely customer reservations.
XDN500 slurry balance pipe jacking machine for its intelligent, highly efficient and stable, powerful and other technical advantages, known as "hard rock pioneer" after the launch of the product by the high degree of customer recognition and praise, sold to Taiwan and Taiwan, domestic hard to achieve Yan Ding tube technology breakthrough, to take the top of the machine to the international high-end pace. In the exhibition site, customers from India, Indonesia, Taiwan and other places on the display device showed a keen interest in the exchange, inquiries constant stream of customers, namely the prototype in the first day of panic buying.

XCMG directional drill

Through the exhibition, we believe, XCMG non-excavation equipment based on the domestic market, the industry-leading dominance, will set off a wave of high-tech development, and lead China into the international non-excavation equipment in the high-end market, XCMG non-excavation equipment international exploration and breakthroughs, technological innovation will become a prairie fire, ignited new brilliant international markets.

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