XCMG new truck crane for hot/humid area---KR serie

Views: 5     Author: Bob     Publish Time: 2015-09-16      Origin: CHANGZHOU YAMAR KOOPE INTL CO., LTD

The models include: QY25KR, QY30KR, QY50KR, QY70KR
The hot and humid area is difficult for a crane work well, but now XCMG KR models will solve the problem. First they advanced the A/C’s cold wind ability, add 30% cooling effect. And crane is with a auxiliary inlet structure, improve the radiation ability of the crane, make sure it can be work well at very high temperature.
The hydraulic system is also to be more reliable, sealing better, bigger oil scattered area, and the thermal power upgrade 20%.
To avoid the hot and humid weather on product material corrosion, KR series of products using military grade high-strength anti-corrosion technology, improve vehicle corrosion rust resistance, greatly extending the useful life of the vehicle.

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