XCMG occupy half market of new type muck truck

Views: 5     Author: Hellen     Publish Time: 2016-11-28      Origin: XCMG

Recently, XCMG heavy truck muck gains 50 new type muck truck orders for the upcoming Xuzhou city sediment transport. With the signing of this batch of orders, XCMG heavy trucks has occupied Xuzhou new environmentally friendly muck cars more than 50% market share.

XCMG musk trucks

This year, XCMG heavy truck market segments in a strong attack, carefully crafted new environmentally friendly products are highly recognized muck truck market. The past two years, around the municipal urban muck cars for a new round of strictly regulate the management, XCMG heavy promotion of smart cards in environmentally friendly products while users communicate through discussion, financial support, training and services to protect the use of a series of activities to ensure that the vehicle You can play the best performance, to provide users with equipment and logistics services integration solutions. Uphold the "bear a great responsibility, promenade, National Cheng Kung University," the core values, XCMG heavy truck will help hometown sediment transport into the "era of environmental protection."

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