XCMG rescue team work in Yancheng

Views: 9     Author: Peter     Publish Time: 2016-07-15      Origin: XCMG

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June the 23th, a big tornado happened in Yancheng city of Jiangsu Province of China, causing houses to collapse, casualties, roads blocked, Agriculture damaged facilities and other disasters, has resulted in 98 people killed and more than 800 injured.
After it happened, XCMG make a rescue team at the first time and go to the city.

XCMG crane rescue team (1)

XCMG crane rescue team (2)

23th afternoon, the six officers, four cranes, one excavator and two service vehicles consisting of rescue teams rushed to the disaster area Yancheng Funing County, emergency rescue and local police, to contact the government, obey the unified command, and concentrate site rescue. In order to ensure that the field devices in harsh environments stable operation, also seconded XCMG service personnel rushed to the scene of the surrounding area, to ensure the smooth functioning of all the rescue vehicles. 24, the second batch arrived four XCMG rescue team and three cranes, two excavators quickly added to the ranks of the rescue team. XCMG rescue squad leader, Nanjing Office Pan Dejiang, in accordance with the unified arrangement of armed police and transportation departments, rescue teams into XCMG Funing County Development Zone, Sheyang County-hit areas and rescue operations, while the stricken trees, lights, cables, housing and other clean up operations to ensure smooth flow of traffic, so that aid can be timely access, in conjunction with high-voltage electric wire electricity sector rescue, restore the affected areas as soon as the power supply.

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