XCMG road machinery working for high speed road

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In early May, a new highway under construction in Beijing, a total length of 2739 km, because across the northeast, north, northwest, known as the "three North McNair Road." This road runs through the inland beyond the Great Wall and the main artery of a series of puzzles pathways city, hills, grassland, desert, desert, mountain, its large size of the project, the complex construction environment, the big construction difficulty, the security risks of such construction equipment much test. According to incomplete statistics, on this question of national development plans of key highway dotted with about 150 XCMG road building equipment, paving equipment 50, accounting for 65% of the entire road equipment!

XCMG machinery build road

Pro white construction segment, nearly half of the projects are carried out in the Gobi Desert, road machinery XCMG overcome difficulties, adapt to a variety of conditions, often seventy-eight hours of continuous construction, stable and reliable performance and intimate, personal "body heart "service far more than other brands on the site. In addition, in order not to undermine local national key protected plants and pastures, XCMG road using a large and mature new technology, new technology, lit desert green energy crisis, to maximize the protection of the harmonious development of green building and ecological environment!

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