XCMG rotary drilling rigs working on the sea platform

Views: 3     Author: Doris     Publish Time: 2016-01-14      Origin: CHANGZHOU YAMAR KOOPE INTL CO., LTD

Recently, many units of XCMG rotary drilling rigs model XR280D is driven into new working base in Fujian province. They will participate in the work of building a big power station. This is the first time for XCMG drills working to drill the land under seawater.
The depth of land is about 18-25 meters under seawater, the sink width will be 16m, length will be 600m. Because of the complex land condition and hard stone, to reach the working requirement, XCMG make a special plan of the drill working. They make the drill with single wire main winch structure, working so stable. Finally the drills finish the work successful.

XCMG rotary drilling rigs

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