XCMG rough terrain crane export to South Asia

Views: 8     Author: Mark     Publish Time: 2018-07-06      Origin: Changzhou Yamar Group

Recently, the XCMG international market has been well-reported, and the RT70E off-road tire crane purchased by customers in South Asia (referred to as "off-road suspension") officially started shipping.

After the screening of equipment by cross-border e-commerce platform by the end of 2017, "XCMG" aroused his interest. After various investigations and investigations, XCMG RT70E impressed customers with outstanding performance of hoisting and high construction efficiency, and finally decided to purchase XCMG Hanging, used to replace the already 9 years of use of internationally renowned brand equipment.

RT70E Rough terrain crane

XCMG RT70E cross-country crane is fully implement the "leading technology, not destroy" gold standard and close to the international market to meet the needs of customers ingenuity model made by domestic and foreign customers, with crabs, small Turning, the independence of the front axle, the rear axle independent four steering mode, multi-conditions of complex space adaptability, especially in narrow space such as wharves obvious advantages in operation, inherited the XCMG arm frame design experience, the veneer arm Design, jumpers overlap increased by 30%, long arm performance increased by 10%; with energy-saving hydraulic system, fuel consumption decreased by about 15%.

RT70E Rough terrain crane on board

XCMG off-road crane exports in South Asia market, is the XCMG electric company following the volume of cross-country exports in Central America after the Caribbean, to achieve a single class of equipment in the blank market sales of new breakthroughs.

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