XCMG’s first 15 ton Wheel excavator model XE150W

Views: 11     Author: Louis     Publish Time: 2015-10-05      Origin: CHANGZHOU YAMAR KOOPE INTL CO., LTD

September of 2015, XCMG’s new wheel excavator model XE150W, with integrated axle & transmission, rolled off the production line.
As XCMG’s first wheel excavator, it marking that XCMG have already made a big progress in wheel excavator design and manufacture.
Model XE150W is developed on basis of 15 ton crawler excavator. XE150W adopts the transmission mode integrating axle with transmission, in which the transmission is directly mounted on the rear axle, so as to not only protect the transmission, but also add to the equipment’s walk ability on bumpy mountain road. In addition, at the front end of chassis frame, there are bucket bracket and cylinder protective cover plate. It also equipped with bulldozing shovel and outrigger, which will help reduce the machine self-weight effectively. And more, XE150W’s swing ring is with large diameter, this will make it more stable.
If you have interests of this new model, please send us an inquiry to get more specifications.
XCMG 15 ton Wheel excavator

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