XCMG self designed amphibious excavator export to Africa

Views: 16     Author: Wade     Publish Time: 2018-03-29      Origin: Changzhou Yamar Group

Recently, XCMG Africa market and good news: XCMG successfully exported to Africa XCMG XE215S amphibious excavator. This is the XCMG amphibious excavator for the first time to achieve exports, but also China's independent research and development of amphibious excavators for the first time batch exports to Africa.


Based on the mature technology of XE215C, the XE215S amphibious excavator is designed for R & D in the coastal environment. In addition to the functions of the general excavator, the XE215S amphibious excavator has the characteristics of grounding and low pressure, and it is suitable for land, Swamp soft ground and silt and water surface safe walking and operation of the new multi-purpose excavator. The machine uses its own optimized power, hydraulic system and electrical system, operating efficiency and reliability higher; new sealed floating box crawler walking structure, to overcome the amphibious hydraulic excavator walking system easy to wear, short life, resistance Large, high power consumption of the lack of maintenance, special transport and operating conditions with a strong market competitiveness.

January to April this year, XCMG products export volume increased by 96.95%, of which XCMG digging machine exports grew 41.7%, much higher than the industry level of increase. Export brand ranking continued to maintain the first, which are benefited from the international development strategy XCMG.

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