XCMG sell 2 units 1200 ton all terrain crane

Views: 15     Author: Sam     Publish Time: 2017-07-05      Origin: XCMG

November 22, in the "4.0 new wind standard" XCMG lifting engine gold engine strategic partner appreciation meeting, held a grand key transfer ceremony, two users solemnly took a symbol of 1,200 tons of all-terrain crane gold key, three More than 100 customers, dealers gathered together to witness this important moment.

XCMG 1200 ton all terrain crane.png

With XCMG high-quality product image and many times the excellent performance of lifting, XCMG thousands of tons of product market sales began to focus on force, including a total of the world's largest XCA5000, including nearly 20 XCMG thousands of tons of cranes to achieve sales. Product footprint throughout the country, especially in Fujian, Guangzhou, Yunnan, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi and other regional wind power projects, a total of more than 1,600 sets of more than 2 MW wind turbine installation, set illustrious military exploits.

The two 1,200 tons of all-terrain crane bulk sales, once again verified the XCMG lifting machinery of the global king status.

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