XCMG telescopic forklift show its powerful in construction area

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Recently, at the construction site of the construction of three, two in eight innings in the construction and 4S shop, XCMG Telescopic play a unique handling advantage, building construction site two booster.

XCMG telescopic forklift

At the construction site, we see Telescopic buildings and materials back and forth at the pile, cement, gravel, steel and other building materials shipped to construction sites. During the interview, two construction site people are responsible for XCMG Telescopic performance gave a high evaluation: We've seen Telescopic work abroad, with a really easy and now China have such a good products, let us really excited, we also can be used on China's own product. Telescopic our work is really a great help, it tape forward function, the material can be quickly sent to the front was built, carrying capacity is very large; in high-rise construction, convenient than the cranes, in a very transporting various materials within a small space, to ensure that our construction schedule, hoping to be able to XCMG more effort in terms of equipment, developed more applicable in the construction industry equipment.
XCMG Telescopic China as the leader in the field, technically continue beyond, the product is shovel digging, handling, lifting, loading complex functions, to achieve a number of functions in one, configure a variety of applicable equipment a wider range, has always been the industry benchmark.

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