XCMG three booms Drilling vehicles help to build railway

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With the MHTJ-16 bid section of the large tunnel in the small tunnel of a small mine shaft sounded, opened the XCMG three-arm drilling rigs help China Railway Shanghai Engineering Bureau Menghua railway tunnel construction of a new chapter in mechanization . Compared with the traditional manual drilling and blasting, the use of drilling rig construction, in improving efficiency, reduce labor, improve the environment, control over-under-dug and construction safety and so on have shown significant advantages.


China Railway Shanghai Engineering Bureau Menghua Railway MHTJ-16 standard length of 44.86 kilometers, the design of 14 tunnels full-length 33.38 kilometers, the tunnel accounted for more than 74%, is currently in Shanghai Railway Bureau under construction tunnel, single-seat tunnel longest railway project , A total length of 14.533 km of the Zhongshan Tunnel is the key control project. In response to the Menghua Railway Corporation to promote the mechanization of construction requirements, the Shanghai Engineering Bureau organized a hand on domestic and foreign three-arm drilling rig manufacturers conducted a comprehensive inspection, in May 2016, through a comprehensive comparison, the Shanghai Engineering Bureau leaders and XCMG Group Cooperation, select the XCMG three-arm drilling rig products. After the two sides fully communicate and make careful arrangements, XCMG TZ3A three-arm drilling rig in the mid-2016, smooth approach, officially put into construction.
On Oct. 13, Mr. Zhang Mei, the general manager of Menghua Railway, Mr. Zhang Mei, the general manager, the deputy general manager, the commander of the Jinyu Command, and so on. He was the general manager of the China Railway Shanghai Engineering Bureau, and the deputy general manager Zhang Qingyuan. The company is mainly responsible person, accompanied by a special trip to the Mongolian railway MH-16 project site to observe the construction of drilling rigs. Zhang Mei and his team listened to the project and the XCMG technical staff on the TZ3A three-arm drilling rig construction introduced to the Shanghai Engineering Bureau of the Zhongshan tunnel project to mechanized rapid construction, as well as the effect of light explosion to praise. He said that in the construction process must attach great importance to the safety of tunnel construction, quality management, through the popularization of the whole mechanized construction, improve the process method to improve the efficiency of construction work, on-site continuous and rapid construction to create conditions for project quality and safety to provide strong Strong protection. Zhang Mei also encouraged XCMG to make persistent efforts to contribute to the construction of Menghua railway with outstanding achievements.
XCMG three-arm drilling rig started in 2011, and the R & D cooperation with the China Railway Tunnel Group, under the guidance and concern of the Academician Wang Mengshu, the R & D process is progressing smoothly, in August 2012, the first product off the assembly line and put on the market. Up to now the product has been successfully used in the Northwest Liaoning water supply project, deep Mao high-speed rail, Mianmao Road, Menghua railway and many other national key construction projects.

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