XCMG three roller drive axles off production line

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Recently, XCMG self-developed three wheeled roller drive axle DA3160, DA3200, DA3300 while XCMG transmission successful trial, combined with the pre-development and mass production of DA2260 tire roller drive axle, the official formation of XCMG roller drive axle family, marking XCMG core parts segment pioneering occupation, effectively boosting the host XCMG product core competitiveness, continuous infusion nuclear "core" power.

XCMG roller axle

All three products are successfully developed to respond positively to the drive XCMG road machinery division development needs, respond quickly to market, to seize market opportunities embodies. XCMG transmission project team under the leadership attaches great importance, sophisticated organizations, fewer personnel to overcome the tight schedule and so difficult to take sides communicate edge design, while designing supporting manufacturers seek concurrent engineering, so that the driving axle of three in less than two That completed within a month's time program evaluation, technical tests, technical agreement and price approval, etc., and recently completed 5 sets each trial task. DA3160, DA3200, DA3300 three tire roller drive axle minus total become a helical gear, sprocket wheel assembly adopts integrated wheel assembly support shaft assembly of structural analysis and design, at the sprocket closures reliability seal structural design, structural design and meet the parameters of the sprocket wheel assembly inside the lubricant smooth circulation optimization design features. The maximum output torque of the drive axle 20000N.m, axle load bearing capacity to meet the operational requirements of the whole weight of 16-30 tons series tire roller.

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