XCMG truck crane XCT55L6

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Recently, the author went to Enshi a bridge construction site, to explore the construction of the G generation crane. Far to see the G generation of iconic "honeycomb" body design. Gray style logo embedded in the golden crane, "force and the United States," the visual impact of the moment the influx of the body's nervous system. This is the bridge is the lifting of the G generation of products in the pinnacle - XCT55L6. The product uses the world's first new type of horizontal bar bolt telescopic system, is a crane break 50 tons below the five-arm limit, the boom extended to six. The longest main arm to 50 meters, the length of the industry has exceeded 80 tons of products.

XCMG truck crane XCT55L6


In the construction site, we saw the owner of Deng boss. When talking about the reasons to choose XCT55L6, Deng boss simply neat phrase: on the current domestic industry, "can be elevated, and can take heavy" crane and only XCMG XCT55L6 it! Just started listening to a friend that XCMG out of this car, I do not believe that is a joke. Because 55 tons of products to design a six sections boom, and the arm can reach 50 meters, did not dare to imagine. So I was in XCMG sales manager where to see the car's atlas, do not hesitate to set the truck.
Deng boss pointing to the construction of the XCT55L6 told us that in this construction tender, it is with this new XCMG crane, only won in one fell swoop. At present, there have been two weeks of construction time, this hanging live, you can easily complete, and the work efficiency of the unanimous recognition of the site. With it, after the bid, I have more emboldened it! Deng boss smiled proudly.

XCMG truck crane

In addition, Deng boss is to tell us more XCT55L6 construction story. He took us to appreciate his cell phone in a variety of construction photos. "This car is not only hanging, its real expertise is hanging high! You see, this is last month in Enshi mountain scenic area installed tower crane photos." Deng boss's interest is getting higher and higher. Some time ago to install the scenic area of ​​the tower crane originally sent to a 70-ton crane to the site, but to the site to see, this terrain, the old section 70 tons cannot reach the height, but in order not to delay the construction, not hesitate to transfer to the XCT55L6. Many people are questioned, but my heart is clear, 50 m main arm, fully capable
Listed six months, XCT55L6 continue with transcendent excellence in construction performance, interpretation of the value of G generation!

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