XCMG truck-mounted concrete pump produced by S9 platform get good reputation from customers

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If the "7 • 29" event is the world premiere of XCMG S9 platform concrete products, then HB67K pump - industry Wuqiaohe X-type outriggers Boom highest number of meters of steel concrete pump record holder, is XCMG S9 for the advent of the pump, and also has been highly recognized in the market for a product XCMG truck. However, this is the first XCMG S9 truck, before getting approval, but has gone through a little-known episode.

XCMG truck-mounted concrete pump

June 2015, XCMG first S9 platform 67 m truck sales, buyers Jilin PL mixing station. 67 m truck arrived PL stirred station, how to configure the pump station actually become a problem. Because every work has its own pump and must be easily "old car", and the car itself will have a run-in period, plus all new to S9 platform products and technology, there is no pump station is willing to take the initiative to "adopt" this Taiwan S9. Experienced equipment section chief sees, drawn out three old pump station, said nothing to put extreme pressure down the tasks - Running the trial must be completed within one month of the new car.


The next month, S9 like clockwork robots, amazingly: its high pumping efficiency, concrete 16 side, the normal discharge to nine minutes, it is 7 minutes 40 seconds to complete; "eat" material not picky speed fast, smooth pumping is not squeamish; residue, easy to clean and save time; boom stability ......
"Not only are these, I admire the most is at full load, the level of construction boom that the worst state, it's boom amplitude less than 20 cm, much lower than other products I've used." Operation hand to hear his very professional reviews Road. The equipment section chief also pleased to find that extremely high pumping efficiency HB67K average about 5 percent higher suction efficiency compared with similar domestic products, while fuel consumption is reduced by 25% year on year, so doing, per square concrete can be pumped 1 cost savings of about two yuan, a year down, it could save a small fortune.
Well done in several "critical" task, XCMG S9 platform HB67K pump start construction side has repeatedly been named a predetermined succession participate Changchun Wanda Plaza, Changchun City Exhibition Hall and other important construction projects in the long, high-strength, complex under working conditions and other harsh construction conditions, it can cope with ease.

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