XCMG truck-mounted crane exported to Thailand

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Recently, XCMG Truck Cranes pass outlet Herald, 30 8 tons knuckle boom crane lorry re-enter the Thai market, with a total value of over 300 million.

XCMG truck-mounted crane go Thailand

This batch of export products, folding arm lorry crane hoists lightweight, flexible operation, manipulation of vision, can be equipped with a variety of auxiliary equipment, suitable for small spaces or special environment construction operations. At the same time, on and off each has a separate control valve, on and off interlocked user operation safer.
According to statistics, currently in Thailand has more than 400 truck-mounted crane XCMG brand, it has once again proven that the orders XCMG loader cranes products in the Thai market in the world. High-end technology, reliable quality, we believe the brand XCMG, XCMG Truck crane will have a greater breakthrough in foreign markets.

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