XCMG truck-mounted crane factory have new product

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Recently, in order to meet customer needs for customization, the new truck mounted crane XCMG designed multi-purpose vehicle lift truck was successfully launched. The truck-mounted crane products in the realization of all the features of the premise, equipped with domestic advanced spiral drill pipe, using quick header piping, can effectively achieve the quick-release drill pipe, drill pipe by means of rotation, can be smooth and accurate release recovery drill, drill holes set the crane, lifting, transportation and other functions into one, to be completed by the transport poles, dig drill, crane safety discharge lever action and a series of operations, the face of broad market demand, the company is tight following the trend, the successful implementation of the drill pipe crane, research and development of special equipment company also played a certain role.

XCMG truck-mounted crane

The successful development of the product, not only expanded the product spectrum arm cranes, four new multifunction lorry crane truck delivered to customers results, contribute more to expand the company's products.

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