XCMG two products Won the "Golden Point Design Award"

Views: 6     Author: Peter     Publish Time: 2017-05-05      Origin: XCMG

Recently, known as the design industry, "Golden Horse Award," said the "Golden Point Design Award" list released. After the fierce competition, XCMG crane division XCT130G generation of truck cranes, XCS45 front lifting crane from the world 3005 entries come to the fore, won the gold design award.

xcmg reach stacker.jpg

xcmg all terrain crane.jpg

The Golden Point Design Award is organized by the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs on a regular basis every year, as the world's most gold world of the design award, the industry known as the "design industry Golden Horse Award", has been a number of designers and outstanding enterprises chase the ultimate goal The The award not only confirmed the XCMG innovative research and development capabilities and design level, but also highlights the crane's innovative advantages and competitive strength.

The award-winning two products as a representative of the XCMG crane, the whole machine with aerodynamic shape, simple and smooth lines and comfortable, the new shape of the two-room design, V-type front face, head lit Eagle eye bionic design, for the user Visual new experience. At the same time the use of industry starting, the whole man-machine work space design, the new man-machine interaction system, intelligent conditions automatic planning technology, integrated bus panel, 7-inch true color touch screen, intelligent driving control more comfortable.

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