XCMG wheel loader High-intensity continuous operation to rebuild roads

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By heavy rainfall and other factors on July 26 - the 27th national highway in Gansu red slopes tunnel exit 212 landslides, 500 multi-stone from beside the tunnel collapse, resulting in 212 national highway traffic disruption. In addition, Longnan Wen County Tourism Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan to collapse flood damage occurs, resulting in road traffic short interruptions. XCMG loaders fastest arrived at the scene, with the shortest time to successfully complete two sections of repair and restore traffic.

XCMG wheel loader build road

After receiving the emergency request to the above two sections of administration, Longnan Wen County Highway Management Section immediately launched emergency rescue plan, the mobilization of large construction equipment and engineering rescue personnel rushed to the scene in the shortest possible time. Critical moment, XCMG loader repair always red in front, is landslides and flood damage site opened a safe passage. During the repair, XCMG loader to reload features, high-intensity continuous operation, to ensure that the two roads with the fastest speed the repair is completed, the red slopes of more than 500 cubic meters of tunnel exit collapse body within 2 hours of being cleared, resumed traffic, and was truncated to Longnan Wen County, Sichuan Jiuzhaigou Tourism is restored in 1 hour traffic.

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