XCMG wheel loader open the road covered by ice and snow

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Whenever the snow comes, XCMG loader always goes to the front line for the first time, rescues and rescues the disaster, and rescues the people in the predicament of ice and snow. That wipes XCMG golden brings people unlimited security. This kind of security comes from the excellent performance of “leading technology, not destroying”. The strong scientific research strength and manufacturing technology provide a solid support for each of XCMG's loaders and disaster relief.


Low temperature customization

Equipped with a low temperature starter to solve the problem of low temperature start-up;

The whole machine wiring harness, electrical components and other parts are made of low temperature resistant materials to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle in the harsh environment of lower temperature;

The electromagnetic clutch fan that comes with the engine satisfies the low speed operation of the fan in a lower temperature environment, effectively reduces the heat loss, and ensures the effective balance of the heat of the double-variable system and the hydraulic system during the snow removal process.



The brake system is equipped with a drying device to eliminate water vapor in the pipeline, prevent the pipeline from freezing, and ensure the safety of the brake;

XCMG's proprietary transmission system provides powerful traction for snow removal, cleaning and other snow removal operations;

The snow shovel with the obstacle-blocking device can effectively protect the road surface; its left and right swinging characteristics make the snow shoveling more efficient.

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