XCMG wrecker enter the Japanese high-end market rely on its quality

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September 1 to 3, 2016 Japan Truck Show opened in Yokohama, Japan, the company XCMG Truck wrecker special representative of Chinese car brand unveiled the exhibition. Every two years the Japanese Truck Show is the only commercial vehicle exhibition in Japan, is one of Asia's most influential Truck Show, the exhibitors are high-end private car dealer, also came to watch the show is a multi-industry vehicles and extremely strict requirements and professional customers, experts and scholars.

XCMG wrecker

XCMG wrecker truck

XCMG Japanese agent told reporters: "The Japanese market is high-end machinery products, equipment manufacturing and belong to a very high level of developed countries in Europe and America and other countries, at present, the Japanese wrecker market, in addition to domestic brands, and UNIC TADANO other manufacturers accounted for the vast flatbed wrecker market share in part, the rest is occupied by European and American brands, XCMG wrecker bulk into the Japanese market, the only Chinese brand wrecker. "
Quality products customers’ trust
XCMG exhibiting two wrecker product QZF10D, QZF3B on the main performance lifting, lifts, etc. have been greatly improved, the arm body height compression, the effective length of the lifts were longer, more cost-effective; boom with six boom, boom system, structural optimization and weight reduction, higher safety factor the same job under the premise parameters; wireless and wired remote control combine two forms of optimization to achieve the lifting and lifted the radio control, lifts wired control rear sides, not only to meet user convenience, while the whole piping arrangements more beautiful. XCMG wrecker from customers functionality and ease starting, technically overhauled to reduce the weight, and then optimize the design itself sufficient to improve the stability of the highest XCMG wrecker its strength as well as excellent and innovative improvements the cost to the fore, the exhibition site of achieving a successful sale 2 show car, and the formation of intention to order 15 units.
Excellence and strive to perfect
Ultimately, quality customers and dealers thanks for their support on the road XCMG wrecker development. Japanese agents since 2009 in cooperation with XCMG, has been on the XCMG products suggest improvements to optimize the arrangement dumplings point layout and components, arrangement of electrical and hydraulic system serviceability to stabilize welding and machining quality structural parts, etc. in all aspects, all reflect his professional and "critical." And it is this stringent requirement for products and dedication to become a force XCMG Truck wrecker developers’ forward. Thus, R & D engineers are constantly visited domestic customers, in practice, continue to accumulate experience, experience problems while watching another person in turn debugging again feel at ease, commissioning experience also laid the foundation for the design.
Innovative breakthroughs quality hunters
Over the past eight years, XCMG Truck Cranes Wrecker the R & D personnel are customer-angle depth of Foreign wrecker advantage, analysis of domestic product design and manufacturing gap, fully learn wrecker, rescue experience, continuous optimization improve proposals. At present, the main selling products have advantages in price, localized modification, can better adapt to the local market. Late for the needs of different users, the product's user-friendly and lightweight design continue to improve, improve product cost, quality control of key parts, improve product reliability; the latter part of technical service and spare parts support in place in time for customers better follow-up security. Today, fewer and fewer customer feedback problems, the number of exported to Japan wrecker sustained growth year after year, breaking the monopoly of the United States and local wrecker local longstanding. So far, the products have been exported to South Africa, Indonesia, Russia, Japan and other countries and regions.
2016 Japan Auto Show, XCMG wrecker carries Xu workers' enthusiasm and professionalism, with a new look at the exhibition show the world the power of China-made, like the world that China determination XCMG quality, perfectly made!

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