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Dragon Boat Festival on the eve, in the vicinity of Wuhan Optical Valley Square gathered a large number of passers-by crowd, they look at the sky, witness XCT100 XCMG cranes staged a "mechanical air show" in the bustling downtown area. XCMG G as a new generation of products, XCT100 the "air show" in completing a challenging task of aerial work - Demolition altitude illegal billboards.

XCMG XCT100 Truck Crane (1)
When a 800-square-meter giant billboard in under the eye from the roof 48 meters high number slowly descended to the ground, the roof of Wuhan outdoor advertising demolition work is completed successfully. Since last November in Wuhan focus on cleaning roof advertising since, as of now, 414 illegal rooftop billboards disappear in Wuhan skyline. Their exit means barbaric growth in recent decades roof advertising ends historic mission, giving way to more simple and elegant urban space.

XCMG Truck Crane XCT100
Demolition of a brand is a crucial
The last two months, the daily Liberation Avenue, passing people will find that the sky above is wider every day. Li Fei, the "face" project Jiefang Road riverbank segments, peeled off from the roof of Hong Kong Road Building chemical giant billboard begin to removal Liberation Park junction 7 Days Inn's roof light word wrap, total removal of the 43 illegal rooftop billboards.
Six months, the city's 414 does not have the approval procedures or extended service violations rooftop billboards all been dismantled. Said that every piece of the roof of billboard removal, behind each uphill battle, no exaggeration. And compared to ordinary billboards, advertising high roof and dangerous position, and "bulky" big, followed typically between several hundred to 2,000 square meters, construction difficulty can imagine. This construction crane is very high. Not only need enough arm length and lifting capacity, but also need a hundred percent security and stability. As one of the representatives of the G generation, XCT100 XCMG truck crane has six main boom, boom length of 64 m jib length of 32.1 meters. Meanwhile, under the new lightweight design concept, XCT100 truck crane machine weighs less than 55 tons, which makes the large body of original instant "success downsizing" in urban construction, show high transition efficiency, as well as in crowded cities sensitive and easily shuttle between buildings.

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