XCT25 help to build aluminum factory

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Although it has entered the spring in March, but the temperature of China's Liaoyang City is still very cold, get up hardships are also hiding in the bed looking forward to the early return of the spring, but Liaoyang a deep processing plant aluminum construction site is bustling. The original is two XCMG G generation XCT25 together to participate in the lifting load of weighing 15 tons of pressure board container.

XCMG truck crane XCT25 (2)

Because it is coordinated hoisting, the accuracy of the operation of the vehicle has a harsh request, and XCMG G-generation XCT25 dual-use "millimeter" to measure the stability of the crane lifting, 33 meters in the command of the trumpet, I am 29 meters easily To 15 tons of containers to 20 meters of the roof.

XCMG truck crane XCT25 (1)

G generation of product innovation and upgrading, intelligent operation and anti-arctic ability, so that the scene construction side owners were surprised. Liu Yuanlong and Meng Linghua two owners of their car performance praise. Since the beginning of this year to expand the operation, the new purchase XCMG G-generation XCT25 in the local excellent performance, they are in the local hoisting industry fame, since the G-generation XCT25 come to the door to live is endless. At present, "can lift high, can get heavy, high precision" G generation, has long been a star crane in Liaoyang region.

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