XCT35, designed to challenge difficult working condition

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Just after the Spring Festival, the temperature is still in the northeast more than 20 degrees, but because of the arrival of G generation, making the local hopping lively up. As Yanbian local first XCT35, every time the work, have become the focus of visits and hot.

In the dragon and a highway construction project department, XCT35 is about to complete the installation of mixing station task, because the tank height, distance, in the past similar conditions, most of the use of 50 tons crane lifting. But less than half a day, XCT35 quickly completed the installation of four tanks.

XCMG 35 ton truck crane.png

So easy and efficient, so that the scene construction side was shocked, Lv Guoxing introduced: This is why he favored XCT35. Compared with the same ton crane, XCMH XCT35 performance is far ahead, which is derived from the X-generation G generation from the beginning of the design, it will create a high-performance car king, legs span large, wide body, Heavy lifting will be very stable, so XCT35 can conquer a variety of extreme conditions. Today, this situation is simply not difficult for it, Lu Guoxing proud smile.

And have such a high efficiency reasons, the most say is the machine hand. Because XCT35 added length measurement sensor, from the original order to upgrade to any expansion and contraction, the main arm conditions from the original seven to upgrade to the current 15, and in the same arm length range of conditions, the stability of the performance Get a big boost. Such a crane, which machine does not like it? Not only that, the intelligent conditions of automatic planning system and human-oriented human-computer interaction, to the operator to create a comfortable and comfortable working atmosphere.

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