Xuzhou man’s luxury wedding convoy

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In China, when wedding is held, bridegroom will have a wedding convoy to get the bride. Usually Chinese like to use BMW, BENZ or other world famous car. But Mr. Ding don’t think like that, he want his wedding to be special and grand.
Mr. Ding is an XCMG motor grader operator with 7 years experience. He is obsessed with construction machinery. So an idea suddenly jumps into his brain, he want to use motor graders as his wedding convoy.

XCMG motor grader in Wedding (1)

He has 1 unit XCMG GR180 motor grader, but he needs another 5 units to make his convoy. Finally XCMG help him and sent him 5 units new GR180 motor graders with drivers. 

XCMG motor grader in Wedding (2)

On the wedding, this couple smiles very happy. The convoy of 6 units XCMG GR180 motor graders shocks all the audience. Mr. Ding’s dream come true, congratulations to this couple, wish they have a happy life forever.

XCMG motor grader in Wedding (3)


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