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On October 13th, XCMG's big loader second station stood in Shandong Blowing Horn, three XCMG LW700HV and six XCMG LW600FV loaders formed a team of knights, went to seven cities in Shandong, and opened a large-scale customer experience event in January. .

The sudden increase in market demand puts higher requirements on production efficiency, and large tonnage has become their choice. However, under many brands, customers have been difficult to make choices. Hearing that XCMG large tonnage loader work in Shandong Station started, he took the initiative to contact the local marketing center. Invite a XCMG LW600FV loader to the factory to show its talents.

At the scene, we saw the masters Li Master and Master Zhang. They both worked in series and were mainly responsible for all the shovel work in the No. 5 warehouse. They all had nearly 10 years of driving experience. They mentioned big tonnage and they have their own unique opinion.

What is the main task of XCMG LW600FV in the factory?

Master Li: Recently, the efficiency of the factory is very good, the workload of shovel loading is huge, the original machine is aging seriously, and the efficiency is low. We urgently need a large-tonnage loader. This machine just makes up for this vacancy. Responsible for the collection and shipping of the discharge port.

I saw a lot of branded loaders in the factory. How does the XCMG LW600FV perform compared to other brands?

Master Zhang: XCMG is an old brand for many years. In modern society, the brand is the guarantee. XCMG should be the first manufacturer to do more than 6 tons of loaders. With this technical strength, the pilot operation is flexible, labor-saving and easy to use. It's much easier than the other doubles.

XCMG wheel loader

XCMG big loader

Master Li: In the warehouse, everything can be done, shovel loading stone, feeding, transshipment, high tonnage efficiency is high, a bucket can shovel 1.5 times the original 5 tons, do not look very large, turning radius is small, before The equipment is loaded and unloaded in the first gear, and XCMG can load the car in the second gear. These provinces are our rest time.

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