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BD105W Grab Crane

  • BD105W

BD105W Grab Excavator

Keywords: grab excavator, wood grab, wheel grab
Main specifications:
Model: BD105W
Engine brand Yuchai
Engine type EFI, China III standard
Engine power 62.5 KW
Engine speed 2400rpm
Hydraulic system Variable Axial Piston Pump
Air conditioner cold & hot wind
Total length 6890 mm
Total width 2200 mm
Total height 2880 mm
Boom length 3900 mm
Stick length 2200 mm
Wheel base 2330 mm
Wheel Track 1650 mm
Min. ground clearance 280 mm
Walking speed 0-30 km/h
Slewing speed 9.5 rpm
Working pressure 21pa
Max. flow 176 L/min
Rated displacement 80 ml/r
Max. traction 43.2KN
Max. torque 250N.m/1800rpm
Grade ability 20°
Tire model 825-16
Max. grab height 7988 mm
Max. dump height 5326 mm
Max. dump depth 4342 mm
Max. dump diameter 7400 mm
Min. slewing diameter 2625 mm
Min. slewing diameter at tail 2090 mm
operation weight 10000 kg±5%
Baoding brand multi-function wheel wood grabber is a multi-function and practical special operation vehicle with grabbing function as the main function and supplemented by other functions. The main features of this product are heavy lifting, high snatch, sufficient power, low fuel consumption, fast vehicle operation speed and high reliability. At present, this series product is widely used in agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, energy, transportation and construction engineering.
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